All The Ones Drowsy Soundwave

REGISTERED NAME         All The Ones Drowsy Soundwave
NICKNAME         Kieppi
DATE OF BIRTH         26.07.2016
GENDER         male
SIRE         Four Seconds to Entertaining
DAM         Faux Fum Acting Eyebrows
OWNER         Lania, Terranois
BREEDER         All The Ones (evm)

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i. Four Seconds to Entertaining (evm) ii. unknown (evm)
ie. unknown (evm)
e. Faux Fum Acting Eyebrows (evm) ei. unknown (evm)
ee. unknown (evm)

No siblings
Hasn't been used for breeding

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     00.00.0000      MAA      luokka      tuomari      tu los

     Agility competition
     00.00.0000      VAL      MAXI I      tuomari      00/00 vKUMA
     Herding trials
     00.00.0000      VPKY      Perusrata      tuomari      00p. hyväksytty
     Obedience trials
     00.00.0000      VTL      ALO      tuomari      00p. I-palkinto
     Working dog trials
     00.00.0000      VSPKL      PAKK      tuomari      00p. PAKK1, BH
     Police dog trials
     00.00.0000      vPOKL      Laji, SOVE      tuomari      00p. hyväksytty
     Force pull trials
     00.00.0000      VTKL      Voimaveto, ALO      tuomari      00p. I-palkinto